Giving Back

Our goal is to identify individuals and families who are in need of help and generate assistance from the surrounding community.  Over the past 18 years, CB has utilized the proceeds from our annual Texas Hold’em event to assist over 100 families.  The following are snapshots of some of the individuals and families for whom Community Backstop has had the privilege of providing assistance.  Click on the link below to enable us to provide assistance to individuals and families like these:



Sounds of laughter

A Bucks County family with a two-year daughter who was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis (TS).  At the age of just three months, the infant girl suffered her first seizure.  Within 48 hours, she was diagnosed at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with TS.  TS is a genetic disease that causes tumors to form in potentially every organ, including the brain.  It is estimated that this disease strikes 1 out of every 6,000 children.  Since the infant’s first seizure, it had been a constant battle to get the seizures under control.  The doctors determined that a series of three brain surgeries at NYU Medical Center in New York would be the child’s best chance to control the seizures and allow her to begin to learn to walk, talk and play.  Community Backstop provided financial assistance to the family to help cover the medical costs not reimbursed by insurance and the costs related to living in New York during their daughter’s extended stay at the NYU Medical Center.   A few months after the successful procedure the family notified Community Backstop that they heard their daughter giggle for the first time. 


Being there for those you love

A Delaware County woman who, despite suffering through a series of personal tragedies, has opened her home to her “orphaned” niece and nephew.  The past year has been particularly difficult for this woman and her family.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer and endured months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  Just weeks after completing her final round of treatment, she was notified that her sister was rushed to Paoli Hospital with a brain hemorrhage.  She was pronounced dead just a few hours later.  Her sister had been raising her 11-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter as a single mother.  The father, who suffered from substance abuse, had essentially abandoned the family 10 years earlier.  Knowing her niece and nephew had nowhere else to turn, the woman has opened her home to her niece and nephew and is seeking legal custody of the children.  Community Backstop has assisted this woman by easing some of the financial burden associated with this series of unexpected tragedies.  Community Backstop provided funds to assist paying for the funeral costs of her sister and provided additional funds to help provide the children a proper Christmas celebration as they struggle to regain normalcy in their lives.


Never giving up

A gentleman was driving to work early one morning and was in a devastating car accident.  After multiple surgeries, he remains paralyzed from the chest down.  Community Backstop helped fund the construction of a first floor bedroom and bathroom to make his home more manageable.  This guy does not have “quitter” in his vocabulary, and we’re glad to be able to help him remove one small obstacle from his life.


These are but just a few examples of the assistance Community Backstop has been able to provide to people in the region due to the generosity of people just like you (and in some cases – you) who have supported our annual Texas Hold’em Tournament.  This year’s event will be held on April 20, 2023 at Aronimink Golf Club at 6:00pm.